Mark Allen Bio

Mark Allen Mark Allen and his music are real. The kind of Americana music that is real for all the right reasons. Music that is created to express emotions and experiences that come from everyday living. With his acoustic guitar sounds and hard hitting harmonica Mark’s live music keeps the party rolling.

Mark’s love for music began at a young age while listening to his parents sing and play guitar. Music has been an important part of his life and music is what makes him tic.  Mark learned to play the harmonica while sitting in the back seat of his grandma’s car on the way from Minnesota to North Carolina.  While it may have not always been music to everyone’s ears, Mark mastered and continues to perfect his blues style harmonica playing.  Writing, singing and creating songs that bring you to a place where you feel and understand the story is a driving force in his music.  Each song is written with a soulful style, with an acoustic backbone that takes you to a place to which you will wish to return to again and again.

Mark Allen is a musician who has lived life, sure he had his shots at the big time, but he decided to stay home and be a father. This dedication to his family and friends is the type of person Mark is, and the type of Americana singer, songwriter and musician he proves himself to be . Now the timing is right and the pieces are falling together for him to take his acoustic music style to the next level. With a new dedication to the music scene and a lifetime of experience under his belt, Mark’s Americana acoustic music is soulful, and full of life. He overlaps his music with country, folk, blues, roots rock, and bluegrass to bring you sounds that have made live bands into legends.

Call him acoustic, Americana, alt country, singer songwriter, country, acoustic rock and whatever else seems to fit together in a nice, tidy playlist of kick ass relaxing music. One thing is for sure, great songwriting, fun beats and an acoustic vibe set the live music of Mark Allen apart.